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Hey, I’m Krista.

A teeny-tiny lady who lurves playing with words.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m here to make your stuff better.

Your copy shouldn't be either.

You're not basic.

How do you like your copy in the morning?

I’m a whiz at helping B2Bs & B2Cs sweeten their brands by:

Freelance copywriter Krista Fabbro

Producing kickass blogs and articles.

Skyrocketing their email marketing strategies.

Zhuzhing up their websites with boatloads of personality.


(Zhuzh? Juge? Zwoosh? Will we ever know?)

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Let’s chat.

Want copy that sells?

"My organization was looking for a copywriter as we were growing rapidly and needed to pass along our content to someone in order to make time for us to do other tasks. Someone referred us to Krista and we couldn't be happier with her content production. She continues to write notice letters, informational documents, web edits, and more. I have also used her for some personal projects. Krista is quick, professional, and a great communicator. Happy we found her!"

Sales & Marketing Manager,

BluPlanet Recycling

Greg Mroczek

Bluplanet Recycling

"Krista is out-of-this-world creative and she makes wordsmithing seem effortless when she delivers any type of copy for an assignment. Everything not only reads better when Krista touches it, but her work also exceeds expectations for the application being written for. She is truly one in a million and her skills are unrivalled in her profession. We are lucky to have the opportunity to consistently work with Krista on a wide range of projects - whether they be small or large, she always delivers on deadline and quality. Besides being an awesome copywriter, she has a great personality and she has quickly become a valued friend. I can't say enough good things about Krista - she is just such a gem of a human, both professionally and personally. You won't be disappointed by hiring her for your writing needs."

Partner, Swank Collective

Marta Tomasir

Swank Collective

"I truly enjoy working with Krista, she has such an amazing attitude when it comes to writing and her business. When working with her, I can tell she truly cares about doing the absolute best that she can do, she listens to the needs of our clients and takes feedback extremely well. She understands that writing isn't just about proper grammar and textbook phrasing (even though she would be the best of the best with that), it is about tone, personality and the overall message. From a marketer's perspective, finding a writer like Krista is like finding a mountain full of gold, I feel like we can do anything!"

Founder & Strategist,

Open Concept Marketing

Connor Brown

Open Concept Marketing

"Krista has now been on contract to Office Concepts for several months and she is a dream to work with. I would highly recommend her to any company looking for someone with excellent copywriting skills and she has a fabulous personality to boot!"

Director of Business Development & Design, 

Office Concepts

Christy Thompson

Office Concepts

"Krista is an absolutely amazing writer! I have been following her through her journey of growing Krista Fabbro Copywriting and truly believe she is very talented. She performed an audit on my website to let me know where my copy could be improved and I'm very impressed. Krista also helped me with a general "blurb" about my business to use on directories and other websites, which is so great. She knows how to make words flow better and stand out when they need to. She is very efficient, friendly and reliable, ready to tackle any new project that comes her way. I would highly recommend Krista to anyone needing a hand with copy for websites, articles, blogs, memos and so much more!"

Principal Interior Designer,

Michelle Murphy Interior Design

Michelle Murphy

Michelle Murphy Interior Design

Check out what the people are saying.

Freelance copywriter Krista Fabbro green background

Your vision +

my fast-typin’ fingers =

marvel of epic proportions.

Let’s make some magic together.

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